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ABPCO's Student Approach with TFI support


The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers’ (ABPCO) welcoming approach for young event professionals has been given a boost with student member Noemi La Torre joining TFI Group for a placement year.  Noemi, who is a student member of the association and a representative for young professionals on the board, has recently started a year-long placement with the agency. Taking a gap from her studies at the University of Greenwich, Noemi will work with TFI on large scale events and be given firsthand experience of the industry she is forging a career within. ABPCO’s University Student Membership is available to those studying at recognised universities for events management degrees, or higher. The membership is just £10 a year and gives the student access to everything a full member of the association enjoys including access to events and research. More information on Noemi's experience here.


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AEV eGuide

AEV eGuide - 

The eGuide brings together guidance for achieving common standards of health, safety and operational planning, management and on-site conduct for events at all participating AEV member venues. The scope and development of the eGuide follows extensive consultation with operations professionals within the exhibition and event industry in order to ensure an overall approach that remains broadly acceptable to the community. The status of the eGuide is similar to that of an Approved Code of Practice. It is an industry-specific guide developed by authorised professionals from the UK event venues. It incorporates health, safety and operational practices that represent compliance with Building Regulations and health and safety legislation. Now recognised as the industry’s best practice document, the eGuide is continually reviewed by working industry professionals who represent the best advice currently available, and who themselves have to work within the guidelines in their own professional capacities.

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HBAA Code of Practice

HBAA Code of Practice -

The HBAA is the events and hospitality association that drives, promotes and models good business between its members. It champions best practice, ethical working and sound commercial judgement, making HBAA membership the mark of quality assurance for the sector. All member companies agree to adhere to the HBAA Code of Practice which defines best practice between agents and venues, thus protecting the interests of their clients.

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HBAA International Charter

HBAA International Charter -

The International Charter was developed to assure best practice between agents, and international hotels and venues. It aims to strengthen the relationship between HBAA agent members and international suppliers.

The Purple Guide

The Purple Guide -

‘The Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events’ was originally published by the Health & Safety Executive but taken over by EIF in 2014 with their support.  It is considered to be the main reference source to health and safety by the events industry and is used widely be enforcement agencies as well as event organisers.

The Purple Guide

The Welfare Handbook

The Welfare Handbook - 

A comprehensive new guide to Welfare at Events published alongside the Purple Guide by the Events Industry Forum.  The new guide, which has been written by welfare specialist Penny Mellor, draws on the experiences of a wide range of welfare organisations to provide a set of guidelines for providing welfare services at events, such as concerts and festivals.  It also contains guidance for event organisers about providing welfare services as well as downloadable forms that can be used by those providing these services (e.g. lost property etc.).  This is thought to be the first time that guidance on welfare services has been made available and it is hoped that it will lead to greater consistency in the approach to the provision of these essential services.