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Why Business Events Work

Post by Matthew Pavli at - The rapidly evolving world of marketing, it's more important than ever for businesses to stay one step ahead of the competition. From raising brand awareness to experimenting with visual aids, events allow businesses to shake up their approach to marketing and propel their brand into the public sphere.

So whether you're an attendee or an exhibitor, we're breaking down the best ways to utilise events to ensure your brand is memorable and maximise your ROI.

Why events work best

More and more businesses are saying goodbye to conventional modes of marketing in favour of a more proactive approach. From the planning stages to the follow-up, overseeing an event puts you in complete control of your marketing tactics and allows you to see your strategy through from beginning to end.

This hands-on approach means professionals can not only seek out relevant connections, but nurture those relationships to grow their valuable client pool. From face-to-face engagement and networking to expanding your industry knowledge, events provide the perfect platform for businesses who are keen to showcase their brand.

As an attendee

As an attendee, business events open up any number of doors. From networking with like minded businesses to providing a platform from which you can showcase your brand, the event sphere offers a whole host of benefits.

While events specific to your industry will undoubtedly offer up an array of interesting contacts, don't underestimate the value of widening your net in your search for leads. Attending as many events as possible - both in and outside of your industry - will give you greater access to business professionals and allow you to expand your knowledge as well as your client list.

Setting your sights on large business expos is a great way to drum up new clients, but don't lose sight of the value of smaller events. One of the greatest benefits of attending an event rather than showcasing is flexibility, allowing you to work the room and engage with other businesses - and niche meetups are the perfect opportunity for this.

As an exhibitor

Showcasing your brand and creating valuable connections are the main goals of most exhibitors - and this begins with an understanding of your brand and audience. Once this is established, you can harness the power of visual branding to engage your audience and attract traffic to your stand.

From exhibition units to banner stands, an impactful display is key - and both your stand and your staff should be approachable. When it comes to standing out among the sea of exhibitors, the competition is high - so shake up your approach to visual branding and hone in on your brand's message.

Targeting a relevant demographic goes hand-in-hand with your visual display when it comes to encouraging audience interaction - giving businesses the power to break down the business-consumer barrier and establish relevant, long-lasting connections.

Unlike other methods of marketing, events offer a real-time, face-to-face benefit which allows you to get to know and understand your
audience. Investing time into potential prospects will strengthen your business strategy and propel you towards your ultimate goal - turning prospects into clients.

Staying one step ahead

Looking for a sure-fire way to keep up to date with exciting events in the business world? Check out our calendar of upcoming events and exhibitions. Highlighting some of the biggest and best events, these dates should be in every business owner's and manager's diary.