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BVEP Welcomes High Profile for Business Tourism in Britain 2020 Strategy Consultation

5 February 13, UK: The BVEP has welcomed the findings of a consultation on a Tourism Strategy that sets an objective of growing Britain’s tourism industry by nine million visitors a year by 2020.

The report, compiled from a summary of consultation responses to the VisitBritain report 'Delivering a Golden Legacy: A Growth Strategy for Inbound Tourism to Britain from 2012 -2020’ involved widespread dialogue with representative organisations and businesses in the UK and overseas across the entire breath of tourism sectors including government agencies responsible for developing trade and investment.

The responses make clear the need for a Britain-level Strategy for business visits and events – and many respondents called for further involvement in business visits and events from VisitBritain.

“It is encouraging that so many non-business tourism organisations, industry associations, businesses and government agencies, including UKTI, responded to VisitBritain and called for business tourism to be included,” commented Michael Hirst, Chair of the Business Visits & Events Partnership. “It is all the more encouraging given that this scenario was not even envisaged in the original strategy, but it's clear that the industry at large sees important growth opportunities from the business tourism sector which is already worth £36bn to the economy and has huge potential.”

"The responses highlight a gap in market coverage and a big opportunity on a Britain-wide level. VisitBritain is well placed to optimise any cross-national approach, having a highly-recognised global level capacity and very strong market reach. Any new activity in business tourism could complement and be readily integrated into their current market positioning", he added.

VisitBritain closed its business tourism department and ceased activities in the sector in early 2010, shortly after its Government funding was cut.

However the BVEP has maintained close relationships with the agency and hopes to assist in the shaping and implementation of any new plans that are adopted.


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