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Can we further professionalise the events industry?

On 28 October, the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) will hold a Forum on the future professionalisation of the events industry.

Despite a number of existing initiatives, qualifications and standards, there is no one universally supported professional body by the events industry or an agreed path to greater professional status.

The BVEP’s Forum will seek to achieve a collective view from the industry on the best way forward for greater professionalisation or whether it is required at all.

Everyone working within the events industry and its associated professional activities is invited to attend, contribute and share their views.

Forum organiser Dr Caroline Jackson, Vice Chair of BVEP, said:

“With the proposed apprenticeship levy, growth in graduate numbers and possible consequences of Brexit, there is no better time for the events industry to pull together on this important topic. The BVEP has an important role in connecting Britain’s events industry and one way of achieving this is for us to identify who and what we are as a profession. I look forward to hearing as wide a range of views as possible on how professional status may offer a secure future given both the opportunities and challenges we all face”.

The Forum is expected to be an interactive, participatory event and the BVEP is encouraging all those interested in the professional status of the sector to come forward with ideas and commitment for action.

The Forum will take place on 28 October from 13.30-16.30 at the University of Westminster, London.

Anyone wishing to attend or contribute to the Forum should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Venue capacity is limited and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 


For more information contact Ken Kelling 01892 619100 / 07941 218915 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Robert Wright 01892 619100 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Notes to editors

Further information and background on the professionalisation of the events industry is available in an article here written by Dr Caroline Jackson for BVEP’s Connections magazine (p7-8).

Dr Caroline Jackson is Chair of the Association for Events Management Education and Senior Principal Academic at Bournemouth University. The Forum programme is also being developed by Rachel Ley, EVCOM Board member and Managing Director of event company RLC and Chris Elmitt, Managing Director of Crystal Interactive who is facilitating the afternoon.

About Business Visits & Events Partnership

The Business Visits & Events Partnership is an umbrella organisation representing leading trade and professional organisations, government agencies and other significant influencers in the business visits and events sector.

The BVEP exists to:

- garner the cohesive opinion of these stakeholders and to collectively influence and develop policies, practices and strategies that support and generate growth in the sector

- raise sector awareness through clear communications of the social and economic benefits of the business visits and events sector.

The Partnership seeks to provide a cohesive point of view for the entire business visits and events sector. The BVEP works with prominent sector leaders including its partners, government departments and agencies to influence and develop policies and practices favourable to the growth of business events, and trade and creative enterprise through business visits and events.

It has the support of the leading trade and professional organisations and government agencies with a shared interest in the economic benefit and growth of conferences, meetings, exhibitions, trade fairs, incentive travel, corporate hospitality, ceremonies, as well as other business, sporting, cultural and festival events