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“Opportunities for Global Growth in Britain’s Events Sector” New BVEP policy document outlines industry road map following decision to leave EU

The Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) has launched a major new policy document for the UK events industry: “Opportunities for Global Growth in Britain’s Events Sector”.

The policy document outlines the issues, opportunities and challenges that will help Britain achieve a more competitive, more profitable and higher profile as it repositions itself following the decision to leave the European Union.

After comprehensive consultation with the UK Events Industry, the policy focusses on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. It also identifies wider areas of trade and industry which are supported by the creativity and innovation of events businesses in the UK.

The policy highlights five key areas of opportunity for the events sector:
• To make a bigger role for government working with the events industry
• To grow infrastructure and enable greater access and investment
• To create a more competitive tax regime
• To avoid greater regulation
• To support the industry and business sectors that sustain the events industry.

The document asserts that events can play a major role in building Britain’s international trading strength. Events can highlight and enhance the key components of the government’s emerging industrial strategy, the policy says, as well as showcasing Britain’s creativity, commercial inventiveness and ability to bring the country together.

BVEP Vice Chair, Simon Hughes, said:

“There’s no doubt that support for the Events Industry in Britain will reap tremendous benefits in terms of greater trade, increased exports, more inward investment, stronger community cohesion and higher levels of civic and national pride. We now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present a clear view of both the key policies and new opportunities which our partners believe will help Britain transition into a new global role following our exit from the EU. This document is a rallying cry for all event professionals to make the most of the government’s focus on trade and industry and the role events can play in supporting Britain plc.”

In a further show of support for the events sector, the BVEP has also confirmed the Department for International Trade (DIT) as a Supporting Government Department to the Partnership.

Welcoming the commitment from DIT, BVEP Chair, Michael Hirst OBE, said:

“We welcome the fact that the government has recognised the importance of events in growing international trade, in its new Industrial Strategy. Having the DIT as a Supporting Government Department to the BVEP will make even more effective the task of identifying and implementing opportunities to grow Britain’s business and exports though the medium of trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses and meetings.”

The full document is available to download below.

A video launching the new document is available at


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Notes to editors
“Opportunities for Global Growth in Britain’s Events Sector” is available to download from the BVEP website

About Business Visits & Events Partnership
The Business Visits & Events Partnership is an umbrella organisation representing leading trade and professional organisations, government agencies and other significant influencers in the business visits and events sector.

The BVEP exists to:
- garner the cohesive opinion of these stakeholders and to collectively influence and develop policies, practices and strategies that support and generate growth in the sector
- raise sector awareness through clear communications of the social and economic benefits of the business visits and events sector.

The Partnership seeks to provide a cohesive point of view for the entire business visits and events sector. The BVEP works with prominent sector leaders including its partners, government departments and agencies to influence and develop policies and practices favourable to the growth of business events, and trade and creative enterprise through business visits and events.

It has the support of the leading trade and professional organisations and government agencies with a shared interest in the economic benefit and growth of conferences, meetings, exhibitions, trade fairs, incentive travel, corporate hospitality, ceremonies, as well as other business, sporting, cultural and festival events.