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BVEP launches survey to support Industrial Strategy response

The Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP) is seeking the event industry’s views on the development of a Visitor Economy Sector Deal, as part of its ongoing response to the Government’s post-Brexit Industrial Green Paper.


BVEP is supporting the development of “sector deals” across a number of different Government-identified areas that directly impact on the growth and development of the UK events industry as a whole. The Visitor Economy Sector Deal is one such programme. In order to gauge where the key focus needs to be for businesses working in the events industry, the BVEP has issued a survey to give everyone the chance to review questions and key issues from their own business perspective.

The results will form part of an on-going consultation process which is due to report back at the end of August.

BVEP Vice Chair Simon Hughes said:

“In the absence of a sector deal specifically for the events industry, it has always been clear that we should lend our voice and support to other deals that are being developed. This was clearly what our partners wanted, so we are using this survey to capture input from across the event sector that will feed into the relevant channels and themes. For example, event design and delivery of all types are closely linked to the success of the visitor economy generally and the business visitor sector in particular. Reducing uncertainty is the common theme that unites many of our members so we hope to provide robust evidence to the Government about where it should focus its Industrial Strategy.”

The BVEP Industrial Strategy survey is available here.


For further information contact Ken Kelling This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Robert Wright This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 01892 619100

Notes to editors

About Business Visits & Events Partnership

The Business Visits & Events Partnership is an umbrella organisation representing leading trade and professional organisations, government agencies and other significant influencers in the business visits and events sector.

The BVEP exists to:

- garner the cohesive opinion of these stakeholders and to collectively influence and develop policies, practices and strategies that support and generate growth in the sector

- raise sector awareness through clear communications of the social and economic benefits of the business visits and events sector.

The Partnership seeks to provide a cohesive point of view for the entire business visits and events sector. The BVEP works with prominent sector leaders including its partners, government departments and agencies to influence and develop policies and practices favourable to the growth of business events, and trade and creative enterprise through business visits and events.

It has the support of the leading trade and professional organisations and government agencies with a shared interest in the economic benefit and growth of conferences, meetings, exhibitions, trade fairs, incentive travel, corporate hospitality, ceremonies, as well as other business, sporting, cultural and festival events.

What is the Industrial Strategy?
The developing Industrial Strategy is a plan for future Government backing of the UK’s leading industries through long-term policy support. Government wants to Boost Productivity (Britain lags behind France, Germany, Italy and Spain) and Back the Future (by helping ‘Industry’ plan for the future).

What is a Sector Deal?
Sector Deals will be granted to any sector which can: organise coherently around a future plan; make the case to Government for Action to unlock growth; and is not necessarily defined by “traditional” industries. The Green Paper calls on companies/organisations with a shared set of objectives to come together, identify barriers and areas where the government can unlock growth.

Successful sectors will be able to address the following:
• Key Areas of Competitiveness
• Opportunities for the Future
• Facing risk proactively
• Working Groups & Key Themes for the Visitor Economy Sector Deal
• Industry of Choice
• Industry of the Future
• Connectivity
• Regulation 

Key Questions for the four working groups:
• Where is the industry being held back from its potential?
• Where can Government step in and help?
• Where does Government need to be challenged?
• What evidence is there of future opportunities where Britain can lead?

Process & Timings (possibly subject to revision following the general election):
• Online consultation (hosted by DCMS) following General Election for 6 weeks for SMEs and businesses to submit ideas.
• Draft submission of ideas by 30th June.
• Tourism Industry Council updated on the progress of draft submission.
• Final submission ready by August.