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Economic Value of Events (report) - Survey

Bournemouth University is seeking support in gaining valuable information on the contribution of outdoor events in the UK. This is something relevant to all Industry Associations, whether for economic, community, cultural, sporting or licensing reasons.

The Value of Events project aims to establish the economic and socio-cultural value of outdoor events and therefore support from industry associations is necessary to ensure the majority of the industry are represented fairly and have the opportunity of being part of the research. The project findings will provide both event organisers and local authorities with greater knowledge of the contribution of outdoor events which can be used when making decisions on supporting and staging events.

In order to encourage those events held by association members to be part of the research, we are asking for you to send the email template below to your members who held outdoor events between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018. 


Get a free report on the Value of Events?

Right now, we’re working on improving the transparency of the Outdoor Event Industry in the UK and need your support.

We wanted to ask you a few questions about the events you organise or equally the events you supply to. This information will help to identify not only the economic contribution of events, but the socio-cultural benefits and challenges that can help the provision of events long-term by gaining more support from local authorities.

Sounds useful? Learn more about the project here.
Our survey is designed to help you gain the best knowledge about your industry, so in return we’ll send you a full report of the findings as a token of our appreciation!