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HBAA - 65% of event professionals are seeing a boost in business confidence to book events

A new HBAA poll has revealed that almost two-thirds of event professionals (65%) in the business events, meetings and accommodation industry are seeing a boost in client confidence to book and confirm events, following the UK government’s “Freedom Day”, which is when many Covid restrictions were relaxed.

This figure reflects the growing desire and commitment to get back to in-person events.

The poll revealed that 14% have seen a “major boost” in business and client confidence, while 51% are experiencing a “slight boost”. Some 27% of those surveyed reported “no impact” and 7% said confidence to book events is declining.

Juliet Price, consultant executive director of the HBAA, said: “This poll shows some encouraging results for the business events, meetings and accommodation sector. It is great to see that confidence levels among corporate clients to book and confirm business events are on the rise.

“However, we cannot ignore that a third of event professionals are not seeing an uplift. There is a need to identify exactly what is preventing these clients from getting back to in-person events, and to provide relevant support to help more of the events industry get back to business.” 

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HBAA, is the trade association for the Meetings, Events and Accommodation Industry.

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*source BVEP events report 2020

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