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Tourism Alliance's Actions following EU Referendum

Message from Kurt Janson on 29th June 2016.

The Tourism Alliance Executive held a special meeting this morning to discuss the outcome of the Referendum, the impact on the UK tourism industry and agree to what actions we need to undertake as a result.

The actions that were agreed are as follows:

1. We will be writing to the Government from the Tourism Industry outlining the main issues that the Government needs to address immediately to provide support for the tourism industry. This includes:
a. Countering negative perceptions of the UK as a welcoming destination in overseas markets
b. Providing clarity that there will be no change in the current requirements for visitors to the UK for at least two years
c. Providing reassurances to the large number of overseas workings in the UK tourism industry that they are valued and their right to stay in the UK is unaffected by the referendum.

2. We will be writing to the Joint Chairs of the Tourism Industry Council to request a special meeting of the Council in order to discuss the impact and agree actions.

3. To inform the Council we will do two things:
a. Develop a Tourism Exit Strategy that lists the main tourism-related requirements of a deal with the EU
b. Undertake a survey of members on the impacts and concerns of businesses
These will two activities will be undertaken to coincide with the AGM on 26th July.

4. The agenda for the AGM on 26th will be revised to focus on a discussion of the Referendum – including a discussion of the impacts and the agreement of the draft Tourism Exit Strategy. The Tourism Statistics briefing that was planned to precede the AGM will now be held on an alternative date.

I will be emailing you separately regarding the development of the Tourism Exit Strategy and the Survey tomorrow and will update you on the letters and Agenda for the AGM as they are developed.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know.


Kurt Janson

Tourism Alliance
3 Gainsford St
London SE1 2NE

t. 020 3117 0664
m. 07946428123
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