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Tourism Alliance - Rural Tourism Inquiry Launched

Message from Kurt Janson on 4th July 2016

To make a change from all the machinations over the referendum and Nigel Farages 24th resignation speech, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee has announced that they are holding an inquiry on Rural Tourism. The inquiry will focus on how the Government can support the growth of the rural economy through tourism and will be aimed at determining how:

  • more people, both from the UK and abroad, can be encouraged to visit more of England’s rural places, for longer and at all times of the year;
  • farmers and rural residents can be encouraged to diversify into tourism and grow their businesses;
  • the needs of visitors can be are balanced with the need to preserve the environment and the character of local communities

To do this the inquiry will looks at a number of issues including:

How well do agencies promote rural destinations across England? What more should the Government do to support this work?

What, if any, changes are needed to give people better access to the coast and countryside?

Funding and fiscal policies
How can public funding be best targeted to get new rural tourist businesses off the ground and keep them going? Are changes needed to tax levels and business rates?
Planning and regulation: What, if any, changes are needed to planning and other regulations covering rural areas of special character, such as National Parks, to encourage sustainable tourism?

Infrastructure and skills
What measures are needed to ensure transport, housing and other infrastructure meets visitor needs? How can the sector ensure there are enough people with the right skills to support customers and businesses?

Local environment and character
How can national and local policies get the right balance between growing tourism and enhancing the local environment and character?

Defra role
What more should the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs do to ensure government departments (including Departments for Communities and Local Government, Business, Innovation and Skills, Culture Media and Sport and HM Treasury) support rural tourism?

The closing day for evidence on these issues is 6th September and can be sent to:
Rural Tourism Inquiry
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee
House of Commons
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

As usual, I will be putting together the Tourism Alliance evidence so if there are any issues that you would like me to incorporate, please let me know by 1 Sept 2016

Many thanks


Kurt Janson

Tourism Alliance
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London SE1 2NE

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