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Outdoor Events Contribute over £30 billion to UK Economy

New research, carried out by Bournemouth University for the Events Industry Forum, has revealed that outdoor events have been much undervalued for the contribution they make to the UK economy, both locally and nationally, with a Gross Value of over £30 billion and providing employment for some 589,000 people.

The research, funded by sales of the Purple Guide, is thought to be the first comprehensive study of the market to be undertaken.

In 2018, the year which was the focus for the study, over 140 million people attended outdoor events, according to the researchers, ranging from music festivals to fairs and steam rallies. The good news for the industry is that 84% of those attendees were satisfied with the way events are run and the majority of interviewees felt that outdoor events were a very important to them.

Over 80% of respondents said that outdoor events create a positive image for the community/destination where they are located and are important in providing local businesses with additional customers.

There are, however, some areas respondents felt that organisers could improve – ranging from congestion and antisocial behaviour to helping people cope with Britain’s hugely variable weather conditions.

The full research report is available free-of-charge on the Events Industry Forum website at

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An infographic showing the key data from the research can be downloaded at

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The new Guide was compiled in consultation with the industry and enforcement agencies, including the HSE, police and fire services.

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