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Publications Archive

Whitepater by Advito entitled "The View from the Other Side of the Pond - Hidden Challenges and Intelligent Solutions to Global Meetings Management Consolidation".

A report to the All Party Parliamentary Group For Events presented jointly by the events industry forum and BVEP in October 2011.

A paper by the Hotel Booking Agents Association (September 2009) reviewing key issues from a buyer perspective, including: driving greater value, consolidating spend, communications and compliance, sustainability, traveller security.

Report published by People 1st, the sector skills council in January 2010. Contents include overview and structure of the industry, business events workforce and workforce development, current trends and issues, future trends.

The London ICC Commission's final report has now been published.

Hotel Booking Agents Association (February 2009) - A paper reviewing the different payment models relating to meetings, from commission to transaction fee to management fee.

This paper, commissioned by the Business Visits & Events Partnership, examines current practices in the UK and globally adopted by destinations, venues and professional conference organisers/event management agencies in the process of bidding and tendering for major conferences and events. The paper was prepared by Sally Greenhill and Tony Rogers and was published in October 2011.

A mid-term report by the British Hospitality Association published in March 2013  - a strategy to increase the number of jobs in the hospitality sector from 2.7m to 3.0m by by 2020. The report covers many of the main issues including VAT, APD, Visas, and Aviation capacity. There is also a very useful appendix with the number of hospitality jobs in each UK constituency and a section calling for additional Conference and Event capacity on page 17.  

The document offers recommendations to Government on how UK plc should be preparing to seize the business opportunities presented by the 2012 Olympics.

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