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SASiE - Size and Scale Index for Events

Author(s) (if known): Richard Smith and Tony Rogers on behalf of the Association of Event Venues
Year published: 2017
Published by: Association of Event Venues (AEV)
Publisher location (city or country): Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
Summary of research content/aims: SASiE provides detailed research into the UK exhibition sector, with a particular focus on events occupying a minimum of 500 square metres of exhibition space. It examines the size of trade and consumer exhibitions, their duration, visitor numbers, proportions of pre-booked tickets, as well as detailing the volume of exhibitions by industry sector. In future years, SASiE will also provide benchmark comparisons and trends information.
Keywords: Exhibition, trade exhibition, consumer exhibition, duration, visitor numbers, industry sector.
If not available online, email/telephone number (or other contact details) to access: Contact Rachel Parker, AEV Director, by email at or by telephone +44 (0)7768 547072
Cost to access?: No