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A Definitive Guide to Health and Safety Requirements for Event Planning

Published by: Function Central
Publisher location (city or country): London
Summary of research content/aims: The guide offers plenty of valuable information such as: - What the law says about the duties of event planners in ensuring the health and safety of both staff and attendees during an event. - Identifying hazards during an event (e.g. fire hazards, equipment, catering, weather hazards), crowd management safety, and having a plan in place for potential incidents that might occur. - Advice on hiring and working with reliable contractors for your events, ensuring food safety standards, and mitigating the risk of excessive alcohol consumption. - A downloadable comprehensive event safety checklist to help prepare before, during, and after an event. - Other helpful health and safety topics, tools, and resources that can prove useful to anyone who is looking to organise a party or event.
Available from URL: Website Name (visited 7 times)
If not available online, email/telephone number (or other contact details) to access: Event Safety Requirement
Limitations for access: Open access
Cost to access?: No
Located in: Electronic guide