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Entries with Report/Study Titles starting with 'S'

Published by: Mintel
Keywords: Leisure, visitor attractions, exhibitions, festivals
Available from URL: Website Name (visited 0 times)
Published by: Deloitte Sports Business Group
Keywords: Sports event, attended, attendance, annual, professional
Available from URL: Website Name (visited 2 times)
Published by: Key Note
Keywords: Exhibition, conference, market, corporate, government, association
Available from URL: Website Name (visited 0 times)
Published by: Scottish Government
Keywords: Diaspora, Scotland, St Andrew's Day, marketing, food and drink, attractions, Bastille Day, The Fourth of July, St David's Day, Norwegian Constitution Day
Published by: International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA)
Keywords: International association meeting, ranking, country, city, region, worldwide
Published by: Goodfellow Publishers
Keywords: Event creation, strategic, environment, change, attendee expectations, competition, return on investment